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Hardwood flooring is among the most sustainable flooring materials that homeowners have access to. Because they are easily replaced, they are considered to be renewable. What environmental benefits does the installation of hardwood flooring provide? Hertfordshire Floor Sanding reached out to the National Wood Flooring Association (an organisation we are a member of) to find out more details.

The quality of indoor air is higher with wood floors

Your home's quality of air can be affected by the flooring materials. Because flooring made of wood is more natural than carpets and other flooring choices, it has a less of a polluting effect on the air.


Wood can produce oxygen throughout its growth cycle and stores carbon throughout its life. Having a net zero carbon footprint indicates that there aren't any carbon emissions. With an increased focus on reducing the emission of greenhouse gases This is a large benefit for making a green environment for your business or home.


This statistic, according to the National Wood Flooring Association, is based on multiple studies that study the environmental impact of several flooring alternatives to harmful air emissions and water consumption, as well as the total energy consumption, and the life expectancy of the product.


Have you ever thought about what is done with your flooring once it is completed and gone? When it comes to flooring made of wood it is safe to know that it can be burned for fuel or reused. Both are environmentally friendly methods.
Wood floors can last hundreds of years

Wood flooring can last for hundreds of years that is both environmentally and financially beneficial. You can repair or restore damaged wood floors, as well as refinish them. They don't have to be replaced as often as other flooring alternatives.

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Friday, 3 May 2019

Tips for Keeping Your Floor Clean

Due to regular life, it's inevitable your floor will not stay looking as though it's fresh from the box. This may be somewhat annoying as time and money you invest on your new floor will leave you wanting it to look its best all of the time. Luckily, there are a number of simple things you can do in your home to keep the look of your floor for as long as possible.

Regularly Allergic

A fast method to keep your floor clean is to sweep the floor daily. This just takes five or ten minutes of your times and it is the easiest way to maintain the dirt to a minimum. Be careful with the kind of broom you though as, depending upon your flooring, you might wind up up with scrape marks. It is ideal to just look for a soft bristle broom as opposed to a hard bristle. This prevent the chance of pressure scratches from occurring on the surface of the planks.

Mop and Vacuum

Utilizing a vacuum would be the best way of getting up those annoying bits of dust and debris which sweeping misses. To get the best results, make sure that you use the acceptable vacuum attachment for the sort of floor you have. You may notice on your vacuum that there are various setting for different types of floors. This changes the suction of the vacuum to best clean that specific floor. Vacuuming your floor about once a week is more than sufficient to keep it looking new and sterile. Mopping should be done every so often so the flooring is properly cleaned. All that is required is warm soapy water to keep up the overall look of the ground. Be cautious not to over saturate your mop, as excess water on non-waterproof hardwood flooring can result in serious damage. Keep you mop just moist enough to clean however not leave standing water on the boards.

Slippers and Carpets

Avoid wearing outdoor shoes in your flooring since this will promote the spread of first and debris from outside. Instead, wear lace in your home since these have a softer underside that gives a lighter footfall. Since you only use these in your house, they will be clean underfoot without having any gravel or suchlike that could scratch your flooring. Rugs are another fantastic protector for your flooring. Putting a large area rug beneath heavy furniture like dining tables or sofas may also stop scratching caused by regular movement.

Surface Sparkle

In case you have a lacquered finished flooring, a laminate or a plastic it is pretty normal for the flooring to lose its glow over time. You can prevent this happening with a very old and easy trick. Mix water and vinegar together and utilize this on a moist , soft sponge to clean the surface. After this is completed, simply wipe over with clean, fresh water to eliminate any vinegar residue. This simple and affordable technique brings back the sparkle and life to your flooring.

As you can see, it is quite simple to maintain your floor clean. By employing these exceptionally cheap and easy hints, your floor will not just be more hygienic, but look as good as fresh too!

Friday, 5 April 2019


Most of us want our homes to give off a feeling of relaxation, relaxation, and coziness. There are lots of approaches to assist you achieve this goal through your options in materials, furnishings, and decor for your home. Part of this is flooring. It's frequently the most dominant aspect of a room, so if you are wanting to market a cozy space, you have to choose the ideal flooring. Oak is the best option for this. Here's why.

It's a Natural Beauty

It gives texture and warmth, while it comes in more modern shades. European White Oak is one of the most flexible wood species for staining and other techniques for coloring wood such as burning, fuming, or compound reactive remedies.

It's Simple To Maintain

Oak is one of the most structurally stable hardwood species available. On account of this grain structure, this wood species is less prone to moisture problems. You'll have all of that pure beauty to go with enhanced structural stability and simplicity of maintenance.

Whitewashed Oak
Elegance can give you a sense of calm and serenity. Whitewashed floors are getting increasingly popular all the time, as they offer a simple, yet elegant appearance. Oak finishes may have a chalky appearance that will pair nicely with the grains of the wood and create a calming, natural effect.

Aged Oak Flooring

Engineered wood flooring can make it much easier to receive a rustic and peaceful appearance. It's more versatile and provides added colors and finishes. You are able to acquire caramel hues, dark colors, and stained finishes as well. All add comfort and warmth to any room or home.

Engineered oak flooring has a layer of real wood that offers the timeless look that everybody enjoys. The classic Oak appearance gives a pure ambiance to any room, while it's rustic or contemporary. It exudes warmth and coziness, which is something most homeowners want after a very long day or during the cold winters.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018


Wooden flooring seems amazing and we've got a vast selection of various types here at Just Wood that may work in almost any home. But many men and women are hesitant and worried about investing in timber flooring as they are afraid that it requires a great deal of effort and time to wash. Quality hardwood flooring is actually easier to clean and maintain carpet. You just have to follow a few simple rules.

Sweeping Cosmetic Flooring
The best and easiest way to offer wooden floors a clean would be to sweep them. Unlike carpets wooden floors do not hold dust and hair so it is easy to remove them with just the sweep of a broom. Make certain that you use a soft bristled broom as ones with harder bristles can damage the floor. If there is tougher dirt that won't come out then give it a mild sweep first then work it out using a mop.

Vacuuming Wooden Floors
Although we advocate using a broom, if you don't have one or do not want to use one then you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean hardwood floors. It should just take one sweep over the floor to pick up all the dust and hair if it's performed frequently. But, there are particular guidelines to follow when vacuuming your hardwood floor. Firstly, ensure the vacuum you employ has a tough floor setting since this is designed specifically for smooth surfaces rather than carpeting. Also, do not use a vacuum cleaner that's especially heavy or that has tough wheels because they might indicate the floor.

Mopping Cosmetic Flooring 
Mopping hardwood flooring is what most individuals are most nervous about, this can be because they do not need to stain or indicate the wood with water or cleaning agents. However, provided that you use a secure cleaning agent it needs to be OK. Look for a cleaning product that is specifically created for wooden floors since it's going to be gentle on the wood and will not leave marks on it. Also, make sure you follow the directions properly, it has to be diluted to the right amount or it may be too strong and damage the wood. Finally, don't use too much water from the mop, then ring it out thoroughly so the mob is simply damp then sweep it on the surface. This way you won't soak the ground and cause damage.

Monday, 1 October 2018

Types of Engineered Hardwood!

There are two chief types of hardwood flooring: solid and well engineered. Solid hardwood is what it really sounds like, strips of wood cut straight from a tree. Engineered floors, on the other hand, is multiple thinner strips of wood that have been closely stuck to one another. Solid engineered hardwood are equally fantastic flooring options. If you are like about 30% of the hardwood flooring owners in the United States and choose engineered floors, you have many choices!


Oak is by far one of the most popular species of hardwood flooring. It is widely available in a variety of colors and shades. It’s also easy to take this inexpensive engineered hardwood option and make it your own with different stains and finishes.


Acacia is one of the more popular exotic flooring species. It has wide variations in grain designs and shades make an Acacia wood floor an attractive part of any interior design. Other popular exotic woods are Teak and Koa.


Maple is a superb flooring species to choose when you need your space to feel fuller. Engineered Maple flooring tends to have a lot of grain pattern and shade variations between planks, which after the flooring is put together produces a gorgeous visual impact . The light shade brightens the space and lightens the mood.

Wide Planks

Wide plank floors is a popular option for homeowners who wish to accomplish a more custom appearance with their engineered hardwood. Because the boards are broader, you are able to see more of this wood's grain pattern and the effect is eye-catching.

Pre-Stained or Pre-Finished

Two of the choices homeowners decide to conserve time are pre-finished or pre-stained engineered hardwood. The installation time for these choices can be shorter since there isn't a waiting period while things dry. Your flooring specialist will have the ability to help you discover which options work best for you and your own space.

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The manner in which your home is decorated and styled can make an immediate impression on any traffic which you open your door to, so you need to make sure it looks good.

If, like most, you have a hallway or reception place on your premises, this is going to be the first or maybe just part of your house which visitors see, so it ought to look beautifully stylish and set the tone for the remainder of your home.

Flooring constitutes a large part of any hallway or reception area, and it could therefore have a significant effect on how great (or not) your home appears.

If your flooring still comes in the form of carpets, you might not be performing your home justice, and a few carpets can look somewhat outdated.

By buying hardwood floors for your home though, you can make sure that from the very moment you open your door, visitors will instantly see that your house looks super trendy.

You can achieve this stylish look with many different different forests, which can deal many levels of foot traffic, and whichever you choose, your decoration definitely won't go undetected.

Friday, 15 June 2018


When you have spent in such a gorgeous wooden floor made from cherry cherry, oak or maple, it is never good to see it lose its allure. Even in the event that you have not done anything to scrape or hurt its surface, over time it will lose its glow if maintenance isn't completed on it.

Wood flooring is a covering that needs to be cared for when it is to wow all your house visitors and continue to stay in its best. These floors are created to high standards of workmanship, so make sure you ensure its longevity by obtaining it restored and renovated.

There are services available that could return your classic flooring back to the way it was when you first had it installed. The organic beauty of this wood could be brought out again and if you go to a professional hardwood floor business to undertake this job, you can place your trust in their many years of experience.

They will be able to put in the effort and maintenance needed to make the floor look appealing once more, while providing you with floor renovating and maintenance recommendations to ensure it's kept looking this way going forward.